Hopey Price versus Claudio Grande breakdown

This is a good step up fight for Price who is being moved very quickly considering how young he is. His team believe hes ready to start moving into domestic title fights already and they may be right. Claudio Grande is 5-0 and had some amateur experience to back his pro record up, not to the extent that Price had though.

Hopey Price is massive for the weight and combine that with being a southpaw, makes him a hard fight for anyone. He’s also perfectly happy fighting at range picking his opponents off which a lot of taller fighters seem to forget they can do.

Claudio Grande is a fairly standard domestic prospect. He’ll be coming forward in this fight but doesn’t have the skill set to time Price enough to win this fight, especially over only six rounds.

Claudio Grande

I think Hopey Price will win a six round decision due to his height and reach combined with his superior boxing ability.


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