Ukashir Farooq versus Luis Gerardo Castillo breakdown

This is a good fight between two talented bantamweight contenders. Ukashir Farooq is 15-1 with his only loss being a controversial loss to Lee McGregor. Luis Gerardo Castillo is 28-2 with 18 knockouts. His two losses are apparently controversial though I can’t find any footage of them to verify that. Ukashir Farooq is a greatContinue reading “Ukashir Farooq versus Luis Gerardo Castillo breakdown”

Ukashir Farooq versus Alexander Espinoza breakdown

This is a good fight as Farooq is a really good fighter but is severely underrated. Alexander Espinoza is a good domestic fighter in Nicaragua who lost on a split decision in Russia in his only trip outside of his native country. I think this will be a good fight as both are decent fightersContinue reading “Ukashir Farooq versus Alexander Espinoza breakdown”