Michael McKinson versus Przemyslaw Runowski breakdown

This is a good fight between 20-0 southpaw McKinson and once beaten Runowski who is 19-1. McKinson after a long time fighting on small hall shows, got his big opportunity in his last fight and won convincingly in my eyes. I picked against him in that fight due to a perceived lack of power but I now think he punches hard enough to knock people down but doesn’t often hurt them. Runowski is a come forward fighter who’s scored stoppages in his last two fights but isn’t normally known as a puncher himself.

Michael McKinson is an awkward southpaw with a bit of an unorthodox style which many fighters seem to struggle to get to grips with. He’s got good balance and timing which he uses well to knock his opponents down when they are slightly off balance themselves.

Runowski is a come forward fighter who’s tough but beyond that isn’t anything McKinson hasn’t seen and beaten before.

Przemyslaw Runowski

I think Michael McKinson will win a decision due to having an awkward style and being better technically than Runowski. I’d be shocked if Runowski was able to get to grips properly with McKinson who has a style I doubt the Polish fighter has seen before.


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