Yamil Alberto Peralta versus Damian Munoz breakdown

Peralta who is an interesting prospect in the Cruiserweight division is taking another fight which he should win comfortably in. I can only presume at this point that his promoter doesn’t want to pay for good opponents from other countries as Peralta has re-matched several of his countrymen after already soundly beating them. Munoz is 5-0 with four knockouts but has faced a very low level of competition, this is a good opportunity for him but also likely one that will end painfully. Peralta is now 10-0 as a professional with four knockouts. He took part in the 2016 Olympics games and had a good amateur background, which makes it even more surprising he is being moved so slowly.

Damian Munoz

I expect Peralta to win this fight by knockout within five rounds due to being better in every department. His combination punching and hand speed should be much to much for the inexperienced Munoz. Hopefully after this fight we see Peralta step up his competition and start to enter the world stage as a pro.


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