Ryo Sagawa versus Retsu Kosaka breakdown

This is a rematch of a 2017 fight where Kosaka stopped Sagawa in two rounds, taking advantage of Sagawa’s inexperience at the time as he was only 1-0 but was regarded as a potentially good prospect. Since that fight Sagawa has gone from strength to strength but recently lost his Japanese title to Hinata Maruta, who is an excellent fighter himself. Retsu Kosaka hasn’t done well since beating Sagawa and is currently on a two fight loss streak however both of those losses were competitive. This is a good opportunity for Sagawa to avenge his loss and also a great opportunity for Kosaka to propel himself back up to title contention with a repeat victory over an improved Sagawa.

Ryo Sagawa is a tidy boxer-puncher who relies on his technical skills more than his power as he isn’t a big puncher. He has enough power to make opponents respect him and can go for the knockout when needed but is most comfortable boxing at distance with the occasional mid range exchange. He’s improved defensively since their first fight though still has a few questions about his chin which has seemed shaky at times.

Retsu Kosaka is a boxer-puncher as well, who punches harder than his record suggests. He has a nice right uppercut and throws the jab out a lot. Compared to Sagawa he doesn’t put his punches together that well and rarely throws in combination. I think he is very static with his head movement and this leads to him getting picked off by the better fighters he faces.

Retsu Kosaka

I think Ryo Sagawa will take his revenge and win a decision after eight rounds due to out working Kosaka with combinations and a solid jab.


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