Joe Cordina versus Joshuah Hernandez breakdown

On paper this might not look like a good fight but when you look past the records I think it’s an exciting match up. Joe Cordina had a strong amateur career which was topped by his appearance at the 2016 Olympic games. He’s 12-0 as a professional now, but has struggled with hand injuries throughout. Joshuah Hernandez is 10-3 but is much better than his record might suggest.

Joe Cordina is a tidy boxer who throws a variety of combinations, a single punch is rare too see from him. He’s not got fight ending power at a high level and certainly won’t be the puncher in this match up. I think his defence is usually fairly sound however sometimes when he switches off he can get caught with punches he doesn’t need too. Technically hes very good and I think has the talent and skills to at least challenge for a world title.

Joshuah Hernandez is a big puncher, which is reflected in his 8 knockouts out of his 10 wins. He goes to the body consistently which could pay dividends for him in this fight late on. I think he’s shown hes tough and even in his stoppage loss he was stopped on his feet in a fight which you could argue should have been allowed to continue. He avenged that loss 3 months later, winning by knockout in the 6th round. His other two losses were a split decision to Giovanni Mioletti in a fight he was unlucky not to get the decision in and a clear loss to the talented Chris Colbert. Defensively he can certainly be hit, especially with the overhand right, but fighters will have to take one or two back if they want to land.

Joshuah Hernandez

I think this should be a fairly competitive fight throughout especially early on before the rhythm of the fight settles. Cordina will likely out work Hernandez with his well placed combinations enough to win a decision after 10 rounds. Hernandez will make it uncomfortable for Cordina in there and if he scored a surprise knockout, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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