Fedor Papazov versus Arslan Magomedov breakdown

This is an interesting domestic fight between two Russian lightweights who have had tough careers. Papazov is nearing the end of his pro career while Magomedov is probably nearing the half way point of his. Papazo has a record of 22-4 with 13 knockouts and has been in with solid European level competition throughout his career. Arslan Magomedov is 7-1-1 with five knockouts, after a rough start to his career hes now found some form and is on a good run.

Both are decent technical fighters that rely on their skill more than their power. Magomedov will likely fight on the back foot for this fight and try to out box Papazov. This should be an extremely close fight as neither is noticeably better than the other, it may come down to who’s style the judges favour more than anything else.

Arslan Magomedov

I think Arslan Magomedov will likely do enough to win six rounds and take a decision by boxing on the back foot though the fight will be competitive throughout. Magomedov being the more youthful fighter with the better momentum coming into the fight will make the difference in my opinion.


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