Oganes Ustyan versus Oleksandr Abramian breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two young Super Lightweights who have lots of potential between them. Oganes Ustyan is 6-0 with two knockouts while Oleksandr Abramian is 5-1-1 with two knockouts.

Oganes Ustyan is a come forward pressure fighter who uses his jab to set up the majority of his punches. He’ll also use the jab to close the distance and keep his opponents under constant pressure as he forces them back. He’s got a good left hook to the body which he places very well and is a consistent body puncher in general. He throws the right uppercut behind a jab which isn’t a combination you see often in young fighters but has proved quite effective for him. He’s creative offensively with both hands and puts his combinations together well. He uses some slight head movement when getting into range but as soon as hes there he relies on a high guard and blocking punches rather than avoiding them. He’s not got one punch KO power, instead he breaks fighters down with his constant forward pressure.

Oleksandr Abramian puts power behind every single one of his punches but doesn’t set them up very well. Him not varying the power and speed of his punches makes him fairly predictable. He can create offense with both hands but is clearly more comfortable with his right hand where he excels with powerful overhand rights and hooks. His left hook has power but he doesn’t place it very well which takes away from its effectiveness significantly. His defense is a rudimentary high guard, he lacks any significant head or upper body movement.

Oleksandr Abramian

I think this fight will be fought at close quarters for the most part and over time the bigger Ustyan will slow Abramian with well placed body shots, leading to him winning a decision after eight rounds.


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