Mikalai Vesialou versus Artur Osipov breakdown

This is a good fight between rangy southpaw Vesialou and consistent domestic contender Osipov over eight rounds. Mikalai Vesialou has built himself a solid record of 11-0-1 with five knockouts after a good amateur career. Artur Osipov is 17-3-1 with eleven knockouts after six years as a pro.

Mikalai Vesialou is a pure boxer who hasn’t shown much power when hes stepped up in competition. He’s a big southpaw who uses his jab and footwork to dictate fights to how he wants them. Occasional raids of three or four punches do occur but for the most part hes happy boxing from the outside and picking up rounds. His hands are fairly low which will get him in trouble when he steps up to a certain level, it’s unlikely to be a major problem in this fight however.

Artur Osipov is a come forward fighter who applies decent pressure but struggles to set his punches up sometimes. He’s not a huge puncher and has his hands fairly low. He’s a solid fighter who is reasonably good at everything and understands what his strengths are in the ring. He’s lost a few times to better technical fighters and doesn’t quite have the tools to get past domestic level in Russia, he still provides a great test and has had a solid career so far.

Artur Osipov

I think Mikalai Vesialou will win a decision after eight rounds due to his size and being a rangy southpaw. He’s the better technical boxer and should win this on points


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