Alan Solis versus Pablo Robles breakdown

This is a really good fight between two young Mexican fighters who are near the start of their careers. Both have been pro for over three years but are still only 22. Alan Solis is 13-0-1 with seven knockouts and is a promising featherweight prospect. Pablo Robles is 14-2 with nine knockouts and lost his last fight to the undefeated Bryan Acosta Garcia who is another good featherweight prospect.

Alan Solis is mostly a counter puncher who uses his footwork and technical skills to win fights rather than pressure and brawling. He has a good left hook to the body and uses the jab frequently. He’s certainly more of a boxer than a puncher and you can see in his fights that he cares about defence rather than the stereotypical “Mexican style”. He does sometimes lean to far over his front foot in my opinion but it isn’t a major issue and one he can rectify as he continues in his career.

Pablo Robles comes forward with no thoughts of defence and just tries to overwhelm his opponents with volume and pressure. He’s not hard to counter when he comes in to range and a lot of his punches are wide. When he punches he leaves his chin open and even when not punching he leans over his front foot a lot which leaves his chin exposed. He does have a bit of power but not enough to fit his aggressive no holds barred style.

Pablo Robles

Alan Solis will box off the back foot in this fight and counter Robles who will come forward with reckless abandon. I think Solis will drop Robles once or twice with well timed counters before taking a ten round decision win due to out-boxing him throughout the fight. Solis is technically better and has a good style to deal with Robles aggression.


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