Luis Torres versus Diego Fabian Eligio breakdown

This is a good fight and an excellent test for Torres who is quickly becoming one of the better Lightweight prospects coming out of Mexico. Luis Torres is 11-0 with eight knockouts and over the last year has stepped his competition up significantly.

Luis Torres is fairly tall for a lightweight at 5 ft 9 and with him being a southpaw this really plays to his advantage in fights. He has a nice jab when he chooses to use it but mostly gets into fierce exchanges with his opponents where due to his power and speed he comes out on top. His punches so far have been that little bit shorter so they get to the target quicker and he’s clearly better technically than the opponents hes faced so far but he doesn’t often try to frustrate them using his height and southpaw stance. He’s only 19 and has years to improve so I think hes a very good prospect and from watching his fights is also very exciting when he fights.

Diego Fabian Eligio is also a come forward fighter who isn’t afraid of getting into exchanges with his opponents. He’s only 24 but has a lot of experience and went the distance with Yvan Mendy a few years ago. He’s a shorter lightweight and lost his last fight in a bit of an upset where at least on paper he should have won. That was his first fight in just under two years so I expect he had some ring rust. I don’t think he has the power or offensive variety that Torres has.

Diego Fabian Eligio

I think Luis Torres will win this fight by decision due to having more power and being much more equipped in an offensive fire fight which is what I think this fight will be.


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