Daishi Nagata versus Masahiro Suzuki breakdown

This is an excellent fight that is being contested over ten rounds for the Japanese Super Lightweight title. Daishi Nagata won the title with a big upset win over Koki Inoue and then defended it versus Akihiro Kondo though the fight ended in a draw. Nagata has been on the regional Japanese scene for a while now is this bout is his 20th while Suzuki has only had six fights and this is his first big step up.

Nagata clearly has the experience advantage and is used to going ten or twelve hard rounds while Suzuki has only gone six rounds before. Suzuki may be a little bit better technically but he also hasn’t faced the competition that Nagata has.

Masahiro Suzuki

I expect Nagata to win a decision after ten rounds due to having much more experience and also putting in some good results recently while Suzuki has been fighting opponents on a lower level.


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