Daishi Nagata versus Masahiro Suzuki breakdown

This is an excellent fight that is being contested over ten rounds for the Japanese Super Lightweight title. Daishi Nagata won the title with a big upset win over Koki Inoue and then defended it versus Akihiro Kondo though the fight ended in a draw. Nagata has been on the regional Japanese scene for aContinue reading “Daishi Nagata versus Masahiro Suzuki breakdown”

Daishi Nagata versus Akihiro Kondo breakdown

I think this should be a relatively easy fight for Nagata who is on a good run of form right now. Akihiro Kondo used to be a good fighter but is more of a gatekeeper at this point in his career. I think Daishi Nagata will win a decision due to being the younger moreContinue reading “Daishi Nagata versus Akihiro Kondo breakdown”