Fedor Chudinov versus Ryno Liebenberg breakdown

This is a decent fight between Chudinov who has been slowly grinding his way towards a world title shot at super middleweight and Ryno Liebenberg who scored a big upset win in his native South Africa recently. A win here for Fedor Chudinov may be the final thing he needs to do to get his title shot at the WBA world title as he has the gold title and is defending it here. The gold title is effectively the king of the ranking belts and so it’s likely the WBA will soon give him a final eliminator or just a straight up title shot if he keeps winning. For Ryno Liebenberg this is a huge opportunity to enter the world stage and potentially get himself a title shot after a very long career.

Both fighters come forward with little regard to defence and admit themselves that they like to fight rather than box on the back foot. With this in mind I think this makes this fight easier for Chudinov who struggles the most with people that can move and box. I think Chudinov has the better chin and also has more power so will come out on top in the exchanges. I think as the fight wears on Liebenberg will get more tired and Chudinov will come on strong.

Ryno Liebenberg

I think Fedor Chudinov will likely win by stoppage in the second half of the fight due to having more power and this fight stylistically suiting him due to Liebenberg’s inclination to stand in front of his opponents. It wouldn’t surprise me if it went to a decision however.


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