One to watch : Alfred Lamptey

Alfred Lamptey is a 19 year old featherweight prospect from Ghana who recently won his first professional title in a step up in competition. I watched the fight and was impressed with what I saw and I think in the future he could reach world title contention.

Throughout the fight Lamptey stayed consistent in jabbing to both set up his punches and keep his opponent at bay. After the first round it was obvious that he also uses it as a range finder as he started to land more punches with better accuracy. I think to be so consistent with jabbing at such a young age is a great sign of things to come. Even highly regarded amateurs seem to forget about the most important tool in boxing which is the jab but Lamptey doesn’t and instead uses it as a major tool in his arsenal. Lamptey fought the majority of the fight on the back foot and showed himself to be a good counter puncher which is another rarity for a 19 year old prospect. When his opponent threw Lamptey would counter with two or three punches with one often being his trademark uppercuts which he puts a lot of power behind.

A thing I was also impressed too see was him going to the body and placing his punches well in that department. I was pleasantly surprised by how good his defence was as he covered up well before firing back and seemed comfortable under fire.

Alfred Lamptey versus Saidu Amadu

One of the biggest advantages he has over other prospects and fighters in the division in general is that he’s only 19 and has years to improve before hes properly thrown into the deep end at world level. As long as he stays dedicated and keeps improving then I think at the very least he can become a contender and more than likely become a world champion.


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