Michal Cieslak versus Yury Kashinsky breakdown

This is a good fight for Cieslak who is one of the most underrated fighters in the Cruiser weight division. Cieslak’s only loss came to current WBC world champion Ilunga Junior Makabu who is himself one of the best fighters in the division. Cieslak had to travel over to the Democratic republic of the Congo for the fight and conditions weren’t exactly comfortable for him as he was robbed in his hotel room before the fight.

Cieslak is 6,3 and has a long reach which he uses well. He’s technically good and puts his punches together very well. He also seems to have a very solid chin as Makabu is a massive puncher but wasn’t able to stop Cieslak.

Yury Kashinsky is a fairly basic fighter who has mostly fought at a level below world level and hasn’t looked great doing so. His defence isn’t great and while hes not terrible technically hes certainly not on Cieslak’s level.

Yury Kashinsky

I think Michal Cieslak will win this fight by knockout between rounds 9 and 12 due to being better technically and also having competed at world level before while Kashinsky hasn’t.


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