Manuel Charr versus Christopher Lovejoy breakdown

This is a strange fight as Charr hasn’t fought since 2017 and Lovejoy has only fought one opponent with a winning record and even that fighter was beyond washed up.

The fight will have the WBA “regular” heavyweight world title on the line though in my opinion that doesn’t mean much at all as it’s very clear that neither of these fighters are the real world champions in the division.

Christopher Lovejoy

I think Manuel Charr will win this fight even with his long layoff due to just being all round better and also coming in at a good weight. Lovejoy came in at 300 pounds which is slightly heavier than he does normally but also much more than his last fight where he weighed in at 230 pounds. Charr should win by knockout in three or four rounds due to being better in every department and also the fact that Lovejoy hasn’t proven he can actually fight yet.


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