Michal Cieslak versus Yury Kashinsky breakdown

This is a good fight for Cieslak who is one of the most underrated fighters in the Cruiser weight division. Cieslak’s only loss came to current WBC world champion Ilunga Junior Makabu who is himself one of the best fighters in the division. Cieslak had to travel over to the Democratic republic of the CongoContinue reading “Michal Cieslak versus Yury Kashinsky breakdown”

Michal Cieslak versus Taylor Mabika breakdown

This is a tune up bout for Cieslak who recently lost in a world title fight to Ilunga Junior Makabu in The Congo. He performed well in that fight and showed he was world class even in a loss. Taylor Mabika is 41 and in recent years has been traveling around Europe and losing onContinue reading “Michal Cieslak versus Taylor Mabika breakdown”