Michael Conlan versus Ionut Baluta breakdown

This is a good fight for both fighters where the winner will likely be looking at a world title shot within another fight or two. Conlan was a good amateur where he competed in two Olympic games. Conlan has good technical skills though not a huge amount of power in my opinion.

Ionut Baluta is coming off two upset wins in a row though will find this fight harder than the last two in my opinion. Baluta isn’t bad technically himself though isn’t as good as Conlan. He gives it his all in his fights and will have gained a lot of experience from his last two appearances inside the ring. I don’t think hes a huge puncher but he certainly hits harder than his record suggests.

Ionut Baluta

I’d love for Baluta to win because I like underdog stories however I think Conlan will likely be too much for him in this fight unless Baluta can wear him down late in the fight due to Conlan moving down in weight and being more drained. If that doesn’t happen then I think Conlan will win a decision after ten rounds due to being technically better.


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