Troy Williamson versus Kieran Smith breakdown

This is a good fight that could go either way in all honesty as both are at a similar level. Troy Williamson didn’t look good in his last fight and arguably lost though he was facing a completely different style to Smith so it may not matter much. Kieran Smith has boxed well in his last two fights but has been dropped before.

I think both fighters are technically decent though Smith is much more of an awkward boxer when he wants to be. Williamson may have more power but I do think its debatable and he relies on it too much when it clearly isn’t as good as he thinks it is. I think Williamson has a bad habit of fighting his opponents fights and if he does it in this fight hes really going to struggle. Smith knows what he wants to do in the ring though it’ll be interesting too see if he can do it at a higher level.

Kieran Smith

I think Kieran Smith will use his height and reach to win a decision after ten rounds. He’s also a southpaw which Williamson hasn’t faced as a pro yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a messy fight and Williamson wins however as he is a good fighter and this is very close to a 50/50 for me.


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