Moruti Mthalane versus Sunny Edwards breakdown

This is a good fight between a very unappreciated world champion in Mthalane and rising contender Sunny Edwards. Mthalane has been at world level for more than a decade now and hasn’t shown any real signs of slowing down yet. He is 38 now and coming off a long lay off so could be affected by that but we won’t know until he gets in the ring.

Sunny Edwards is 15-0 with four knockouts and as his record suggests has no real power to speak of. He’ll box on the back foot for this fight and try and use his footwork and boxing skills to beat Mthalane after twelve rounds. He won’t have a second game plan beyond boxing on the outside which normally is a big concern however hes very good at what he does and can make it awkward for anyone.

Moruti Mthalane is a good technical fighter that fights in a more normal style compared to Edwards. He has power and a huge amount of experience. His game plan is presumably to put Edwards under pressure and land a big punch towards the later stages of the fight when Edwards gets tired.

Sunny Edwards

I do think this fight could go either way based on the fighters having completely different game plans with really only one way to victory for both. Edwards will box on the back foot but won’t look as good as he has versus the competition hes faced while Mthalane will be relentless in tracking him down. I think in the end Moruti Mthalane will win by knockout because hes got the experience and power advantage and we’ve seen Edwards dropped before. I also think not having any power at world level is a recipe for disaster.


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