Victor Padilla versus Thomas Velasquez breakdown

This is a good fight between two undefeated prospects though Padilla is the prospect with more upside.

Victor Padilla is 8-0 with seven knockouts and has so far looked perfect in his career. He’s got a good mix of power and technical skills which combined with an aggressive front foot style makes him a real prospect to watch out for.

Thomas Velasquez isn’t a prospect like Padilla as while hes undefeated he isn’t expected to achieve much and is really just a domestic USA guy. He’s not bad technically and has some power but nothing stands out and his draw with Tyrome Jones is a bad sign for him as a growing fighter.

Thomas Velasquez

I expect Victor Padilla to win by knockout due to having more power and also being technically better. I think his style is very suited to the pro ranks while Velasquez has looked shaky as a pro.


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