Steven Ortiz versus Jeremy Hill breakdown

This is a good match up between two undefeated prospects who are currently operating at the domestic level in the USA.

Steven Ortiz has faced a decent level of competition but doesn’t seem to have improved much which is a worrying sign. His defence isn’t very good and hes fairly basic in his combinations. I don’t think hes great technically either and seems very beatable. He hasn’t been active as he hasn’t fought since 2019.

Jeremy Hill has been active and seems to have good power. I don’t think hes technically great either though his defence is better than Ortiz’s. There is limited footage available online but he seems to be a reasonable domestic fighter in the USA.

I think this is a 50/50 fight where Hill might be a bit more aggressive and win due to having been much more active while Ortiz is rusty in the early rounds.


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