Brian Norman Jr versus Benjamin Whitaker breakdown

This is an excellent fight between rising prospect Brian Norman Jr who is 18-0 and gatekeeper Benjamin Whitaker who is 15-4.

Brian Norman Jr is an aggressive fighter who throws a lot of punches and while his record shows he has power I don’t think he hits all that hard and mostly stops people through volume or due to the level of competition hes faced which so far hasn’t been good. He doesn’t throw a lot of straight punches and in my opinion throws a lot of ineffective shots which don’t do much instead of effective punching when he gets the opportunity. He also hasn’t faced a good level of competition and has a padded record so its hard to judge how good he is.The two times he has stepped up hes gone into the late rounds and in one of them struggled though only lost a round or two.

Benjamin Whitaker is patient and has good timing. He understands that it’s better to wait for a good opportunity rather than relentlessly punch and leave himself open for counters. He has slightly better power than his record suggests and has faced a good level of competition throughout his career. I think if he can keep this fight on the outside he has the better skill set and is more used to getting into hard extended fights.

Benjamin Whitaker

I think Benjamin Whitaker will win this fight and score his third upset win in a row. I think his experience of being in hard fights combined with good timing and economical punching will be enough to beat the green Brian Norman Jr.


2 thoughts on “Brian Norman Jr versus Benjamin Whitaker breakdown

  1. Well i guess you were wrong. He literally hurt Benjamin with the 2nd punch he threw and went on to hurt him several times in between. I dont know where you get your info from,but he has never struggled with any fighter he has ever faced. They all hold him because of his power. He dominated the so called better skilled whitaker and had him hurt, holding, and dazed the entire fight


    1. I value level of competition faced a lot and Benjamin had faced the better fighters and performed. I can see Norman really does have power now and it was impressive how he beat Benjamin. I got a prediction wrong, it happens and its never personal just so you know


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