Brandun Lee versus Samuel Teah breakdown

I think this is a good learning fight for Brandun Lee who hasn’t been challenged by anybody he’s faced in the pro ranks yet. Hes 21-0 with 19 knockouts and has never been beyond the fourth round in a fight. This match up has been made because Samuel Teah is a level above the opponent’s that Lee has faced and has never been stopped so it’ll be a good test. Teah holds a record of 17-3-1 with seven knockouts though has faced better competition than Lee has over the course of his career.

Brandun Lee has shown a lot of power in his career so far though I noticed in his last fight he was trying to force the stoppage to much instead of just setting up his punches and letting the knockout come. He’s got quick hands and is fundamentally sound after a good amateur career. He’s got power in both fists and will consistently land left hands with power even though hes an orthodox fighter. I have seen a fairly consistent jab from him but it’s hard to judge his skill set too much as hes never been past four rounds. For the same reason I have no idea how good his stamina is. I think with how aggressive his style can get he most likely won’t be too hard to hit but very few people will want to get into exchanges with him considering his power, speed and punch placement.

Samuel Teah is a decent boxer who fights on the outside behind a respectable jab. He’ll put a few combinations together but never really has any power behind them. He does throw some nice hooks to the body but leaves himself very open when he does so. In general hes rather open to punches due to how low he keeps his left hand which is normally at his hip rather than set in place ready to block a right hook. I think versus a big puncher with quick hands like Lee this is a major problem and will likely lead to him hitting the canvas at least once. He seems to be fairly tough and has never been stopped before which is a big benefit for him as Lee’s power hasn’t been proven at this level. If he can survive the early onslaught he may be able to come on late and drown the less experienced Lee who has never been in deep waters before.

Samuel Teah

I think Brandun Lee will most likely win by knockout in the first six rounds due to catching Teah repeatedly due to how low he keeps his left hand and while Teah is tough no one can keep taking flush punches for round after round. He’ll go down a few times before the ref waves it off judging him in no condition to continue the fight. While a scenario is possible that Teah wins by taking the fight late I’d be very surprised too see it happen as Lee would have to completely empty his gas tank early and from what I’ve seen so far he doesn’t seem to have stamina issues that would lead to this happening.


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