Misael Lopez versus Jordan White breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two rising prospects who most people wouldn’t have been exposed to yet. Misael Lopez is 11-0 while Jordan White is 10-1 but has only lost to Adam Lopez who is now a contender at Featherweight.

Misael Lopez has decent fundamentals and uses feints well. He has a nice jab and doesn’t rush his work from the footage I’ve seen. He doesn’t appear to have a huge amount of power but has generally made up for it with a solid defence combined with boxing ability.

Jordan White has a nice jab and also doesn’t rush his work. He seems to possess good power which he can land off the back foot by countering. He’s very relaxed in the ring and fights like an experienced fighter who understands he has a lot of rounds to work with. I think he’s improved a lot since his fight with Adam Lopez and doesn’t seem to do anything fundamentally bad.

Jordan White

I think Jordan White will win a decision and score the upset due to his superior power and ability to time opponents coming into range. I also think he has a good jab which should be a major factor in him winning the fight as long as hes able to establish it.


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