Steve Geffrard vs Denis Grachev breakdown

This should be a fairly easy fight for Steve Geffrard who is having his first fight since 2018. He has a record of 17-2 but has won 17 fights in a row after losing his first two pro fights following a good amateur career. Denis Grachev is coming towards the end of his career and has become a journeyman for boxers who need rounds before bigger fights.

Steve Geffrard has a respectable jab and right hand which he tries to land as a counter constantly. From the limited footage I’ve seen his defence isn’t great but it shouldn’t matter in this fight.

Denis Grachev used to be a good fighter who was better than his record suggested but at this point hes just a durable guy who can give fighters rounds. He’s tough and has a few veteran tricks which help him get through fights but I do think he’ll likely be stopped if he keeps taking on contenders that need experience.

Denis Grachev

I think Steve Geffrard will likely win a decision due to being in his prime and still having a will to win while Grachev just wants to survive at this point. It’s good too see that Geffrard is back to being active after not fighting since 2018 and hopefully we see him in the mix at Light Heavyweight.


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