Antonio Williams vs Ignacio Perrin breakdown

This isn’t a terrible fight as Perrin is an Olympian and Williams is an up and coming prospect.

Antonio Williams had a respectable domestic amateur career before turning pro and amassing a pro record of 13-0-1 with six knockouts. He’s decent fundamentally but lacks power and certainly isn’t the best technical boxer yet. He has faced decent competition for his first 14 fights but not anything out of the ordinary.

Ignacio Perrin was a decent amateur who went to the 2016 Olympic games but hasn’t performed very well as a pro and at 36 is clearly on the decline. His defence isn’t great and he doesn’t have the reaction speeds or power to keep up with the young fighters he faces.

Ignacio Perrin

I think Antonio Williams will win by decision due to being younger and also slightly technically better though its fairly close.


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