John Vera vs Cleotis Pendarvis breakdown

This isn’t a terrible comeback fight for Vera who hasn’t fought for over a year after picking up a good win last time out. John Vera is a potential top twenty middleweight if he can stay active while Pendarvis is a journeyman at this stage of his career and hasn’t won a fight since 2017.

John Vera isn’t a great technician though has respectable power which isn’t shown on his record. He’s also durable and willing to get gritty even in a fight he’s clearly losing.

Cleotis Pendarvis isn’t a bad fighter but he’s on a bad run at the moment and may be over the hill and unmotivated at this stage of his career. He hasn’t won a fight since 2017 and has never been much more than a domestic gatekeeper for prospects.

Cleotis Pendarvis

I expect John Vera to win by stoppage due to being more motivated and still having the will to dig deep and win. He’s also got more power and is slightly better technically.


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