Jeremiah Milton vs Zachary Calmus breakdown

This is a real solid fight between two former USA heavyweight amateurs who are just starting their pro careers. Jeremiah Milton is 2-0 with two knockouts and has looked good as a pro so far after a good amateur career. Zachary Calmus is 1-0 with one knockout and while he had a decent amateur career he did lose quite a few fights compared to Milton. He also directly lost to Milton in the amateurs.

Jeremiah Milton was a good amateur and has decent fundamentals which he sticks too. He’s calm in the ring and is someone I see as being more of a boxer as a pro rather than a fighter and in my opinion is unlikely to show one punch power at a high level. He has nice uppercuts and works to the body well which is how he won his last fight after his opponent kept taking his punches to the head. I do think he sometimes forgets about head movement and holds his hands in weird positions but overall hes a prospect to watch out for as he has potential.

Zachary Calmus is a strong guy who clearly has some power if he can hit you. From footage I’ve watched hes quite stiff and isn’t great fundamentally compared to Milton. He does have experience in the amateurs though he wasn’t as successful as Milton. I can’t find the fight but it’s recorded that he lost to Milton in the amateurs due to the referee stopping the fight however i’m not sure if it was an injury or an actual stoppage.

Zachary Calmus

I think Jeremiah Milton will win this fight by stoppage due to being better fundamentally and also being a lot more fluid when he boxes. He should be able too see just about everything Calmus throws coming. I expect the stoppage will likely come from a body shot or a well timed uppercut.


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