Danielito Zorrilla versus Ruslan Madiyev breakdown

This is a solid fight between two young prospects looking for a standout win. Danielito Zorrilla is 14-0 with 11 knockouts and is seen as a decent prospect. Ruslan Madiyev is 13-1 with 5 knockouts and was seen as a respectable prospect before he took a loss and has had his career stall since then.

Ruslan Madiyev

Both fighters had good amateur careers though Zorrilla I believe had more fights and has also turned pro more recently while Madiyev turned pro in 2014 and has been inactive. Both are skilled though I would give the power and skill advantages to Zorrilla who has proven himself as a good prospect so far. Madiyev’s low activity combined with giving up rounds to people he shouldn’t leads me to predict Zorilla to win this fight by knockout in the second half of the fight.


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