Jordan Gill versus Cesar Juarez breakdown

This isn’t a bad fight but it’s one that shouldn’t be all that competitive if Jordan Gill has any chance of making it to world level. Cesar Juarez is a good fighter but he’s not a natural featherweight and is moving up a division after two grueling fights. He’s also had a long hard career and I thought after his last fight he may even retire even though hes only 29. Jordan Gill had become a fast rising contender in the featherweight division but was upset as a big favorite and blamed illness for the reason he was weak to the body. I thought he looked good in his last fight and comfortably boxed himself to a decision win even if he was a bit overly cautious.

Cesar Juarez

I think Jordan Gill will win a decision after boxing on the back foot and picking Juarez apart over the ten rounds. I think the move up in weight class isn’t a good move from Juarez and while hes a puncher I don’t think he’ll be able to catch Gill to stop him unless he was lying about being ill and was simply weak to the stomach.


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