Miguel Berchelt versus Oscar Valdez breakdown

This is the best fight of the weekend and one i’m immensely excited for. Both of these fighters are great to watch and this should be a war while it lasts.

Miguel Berchelt is the natural Super Featherweight and is big for the weight. He’s got a huge amount of power and throws massive amounts of punches. He’s like an unstoppable train that just keeps going until he breaks you down and that’s exactly how hes left most of his opponents, Broken. His defence like most big punchers isn’t great and its a guarantee he’ll get hit by any opponent but apart from his one loss where he was stopped his chin has held up fine versus big punchers. He seems to be in his prime and doesn’t look to have had any massive wear and tear yet. I thought he also looked in great shape at the weigh in and from watching interviews is massively up for this fight.

Miguel Berchelt

Oscar Valdez is probably what you would describe as the boxer of the two though that’s not saying much as hes known for getting into wars and scrapping with every opponent. He’s got an excellent left hook and has a speed advantage but is giving ground on almost everything else. He’s the smaller man with less power and has also shown he can be dropped by lesser punchers than Berchelt though has got up and won every fight. He’s got a huge amount of heart and doesn’t know how to lose yet as hes 28-0. Since hes teamed up with Eddy Reynoso hes changed his style to try and be more of a boxer and in my opinion has regressed as an effective fighter. I haven’t liked how hes looked in his two fights at Super Featherweight and in my opinion hes looked vulnerable at the weight.

Oscar Valdez

I think the fight will be competitive early on with both trading bombs but Berchelts heavier punches will start to have an effect and he’ll stop Valdez in round seven or eight after dropping him a few times. For Valdez to win hes going to have to hope Berchelt’s chin can’t hold up to his left hooks. I also think he needs to go to war as if he tries to box Berchelt will build momentum and roll him over.


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