Robbie Davies Jnr versus Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela breakdown

I think this could be a very competitive fight and one where the underdog Valenzuela could win. I’m not just saying that because Josh Warrington lost to an unheard of Mexican last week I just generally believe this fight is competitive and when fighters aren’t world level they have an even higher chance of being upset.

Robbie Davies Jnr is a decent technical boxer though actually does his best work when going in a toe to toe war or when he stays close to his opponents which is strange as hes actually quite a tall lightweight. From the outside he gets hit by pot shots a lot and his defence is a little shaky in my opinion. He has been stopped before and by someone that isn’t much of a puncher at all. He has a good amount of experience versus good opponents but has rarely outclassed them. I thought he lost versus Joe Hughes and if he hadn’t got that decision then this fight would likely be his biggest win if he gets it.

Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela is also decent technically and is an awkward fighter to figure out as he’ll often have his hands slightly low and then punch from unexpected angles. He has some decent power though not one punch knockout power from what i’ve watched. I don’t think his defence is great but he has solid head movement and also uses feints to draw opponents in before countering.

Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela

I think in a very competitive fight Valenzuela will deserve to get a decision due to frustrating and out boxing Robbies Davies Jnr but will likely get robbed as hes the away fighter.


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