GGG and Jaime Munguia in talks for fight.

The promoters of Jaime Munguia have said that they are trying to negotiate a fight between him and Gennadiy Golovkin otherwise known as “GGG”. This would be for Golovkin’s IBF Middleweight title and would be a big fight in the sport.

Recent statements from Munguia’s promoters makes it seem like the fight may not happen until later in the year due to GGG not being that keen on the fight. They have stated that if GGG doesn’t agree or keeps stalling then they’ll get a fight for Munguia in April most likely against Kanat Islam or another similarly ranked middleweight.

Hopefully we get too see Munguia-GGG but if not then I am happy with how Munguia is knocking off fringe contenders at middleweight before getting a title shot. It makes it so the champions don’t have as many bad contenders to pick as easy title defences and also solidifies his position as the number one challenger in the division.


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