Elnur Abduraimov versus Deivi Julio breakdown

This is a normal step for Abduraimov to take at this point in his career. He’s 6-0 with six knockouts and hasn’t faced any problems with anyone hes fought yet. That likely won’t change with this fight but Julio is someone that a lot of prospects have fought and only the best ones have been able to stop him so this is still a bit of a test for Abduraimov too see where he is at in his career. Deivi Julio competed internationally as an amateur but turned over late as a pro and after his first defeat quickly become a gatekeeper for young prospects and contenders.

Elnur Abduraimov is a talented former amateur star from Uzbekistan. He has a huge amount of power especially for the lightweight division. He’s technically sound though likes to throw powerful hooks rather than work behind the jab. When he does set his punches up I think he does better however against the current competition he faces I think he sometimes gets a little lazy. His footwork and defence are very good and honestly i’m nitpicking at faults as at least to me he looks like a very good prospect who should make it to world level. He’s also very strong and you can tell that from when he fights as almost all of his punches move his opponents. I don’t think fighters will be able to bully him in the clinch and I expect his style to wear a lot of people down as they can’t keep him off them.

Deivi Julio at this point of his career doesn’t do anything better than Abduraimov. He’s tough and will try to stick it out to a decision but at the age of 39 hes almost done and against top prospects he normally gets stopped. I remember watching his last fight where he lost by decision against a prospect who had power and while he made it to the final bell it looked like he was going to get stopped multiple times. If the prospect had better stamina or was more creative offensively he could have stopped Julio comfortably in my opinion.

Deivi Julio

I think Elnur Abduraimov will win by knockout within four rounds as he has a lot of power and the technical ability to land it on the aging Julio.

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