Donald Smith versus William Foster III

This is an evenly matched bout between two unbeaten American Featherweights. Donald Smith is 10-0 with six knockouts while William Foster III is 11-0 with eight knockouts.

Donald Smith hasn’t fought great competition yet so its hard to judge just how good he is however he does appear like a skilled guy and with how tall he is for Featherweight he’s always going to be a problem. He’s a good counter puncher though could do with developing a consistent jab. Hes fine defensively though that hasn’t been tested yet and his biggest weakness is his lack of experience against solid competition as a pro.

William Foster III is an aggressive fighter who can fight competently on the back foot when he needs too. With how aggressive his combinations are it does put him at risk defensively though he doesn’t get hit that often. I think his offensive combinations are quite creative especially when he mixes it up to the body and head. He has fought a good level of competition in his 11 fights and is used to competitive fights where you have to dig deep.

William Foster III

I think this is a real 50/50 and skill set wise they aren’t really at different levels though Foster is better offensively while Smith is better defensively from what I’ve watched. I think Foster will do just enough to pull off the win due to having a lot more experience against better competition though Smith is clearly a talented fighter and if he pulls off the win it wouldn’t surprise me.


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