Yamileth Mercado versus Julissa Alejandra Guzman breakdown

This is a fight for the WBC Female Super Bantamweight world title over twelve rounds. Mercado is defending her title while Guzman is getting her first title fight though hasn’t really fought anyone to deserve it.

Yamileth Mercado has a stalking style where she’ll march forward and throw wide hooks to both the body and head. Her jab is effective when she decides to use it however often she’ll throw combinations without using it. Her defence is competent though shes no stranger to getting into exchanges.

Julissa Alejandra Guzman is a bit of a brawler and hasn’t fully distanced herself from the less than stellar competition she has faced. I don’t think she is as skilled as Mercado and also hasn’t faced the same level of opponents.

I think Yamileth Mercado will win this fight by decision after ten rounds due to having more experience and also her punching technique being cleaner. I think her style of fighting will force Guzman onto the ropes where she’ll be able to unleash combinations and win enough rounds to take the fight.


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