Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda versus Claudio Fernando Echegaray breakdown

I think this should be a fairly routine win for Rueda who is most well known for getting knocked out by Oscar Valdez in two rounds. Echegaray has only won one of his last six fights and is moving up a division for this fight.

Matias Rueda is an upright stiff fighter who has a lot of power but terrible defence. He gets hit clean by almost every opponent he faces but thankfully for him most just haven’t been on his level or haven’t been able to deal with the power he throws back. He generally keeps a high guard but lowers his hand before throwing hooks which leaves him very vulnerable to hooks.

Echegaray is a fairly basic fighter who doesn’t possess much power and is also a natural featherweight. He’s on a terrible run of form and has no momentum going into this fight.

Claudio Fernando Echegaray

I think Matias Rueda will win this fight by knockout in the first five rounds due to having more power and also Echegaray being a natural featherweight moving up after being knocked down four times in his previous fight.


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