Canelo Alvarez versus Avni Yildirim breakdown

This isn’t going to be a long breakdown because its a simple fight with a simple result. Canelo Alvarez is currently the best fighter in the world and will likely remain that way for the next few years. Avni Yildirim is a top 20 super middleweight who’s best career performance was arguably beating Anthony Dirrell but not getting the decision. He gets his second world title shot but this time against a foe he has very little chance of beating.

To put it bluntly Canelo does everything better than Yildirim and this fight is a case of an elite fighter versus a good fighter who is most known for his defeats. The fact that Yildirim has managed to secure himself a Canelo fight and payday is honestly impressive as he’s not someone that anybody wanted Canelo to fight.

The reason he’s getting a shot at Canelo is because the WBC promised him another crack at the world title after his controversial loss to Dirrell. This kept getting delayed and eventually he agreed to step aside so that the vacant WBC title could be on the line for Canelo versus Callum Smith with him getting the winner. Canelo won and is now having a quick turn around to fight him now that hes mandatory. I thought even after being guaranteed a shot at the winner that Yildirim wouldn’t get it due to Canelo being promoted to Franchise champion or the WBC simply ignoring him in favor of getting Canelo bigger fights.

Avni Yildirim

I like that Canelo is being so active and think more top fighters should do what hes doing and fight an easier opponent early on in the year as an additional fight to their two big ones. I don’t like how inactive top fighters are now and if them fighting inferior opposition in their extra fights is the answer then i’m all for it.

I think Canelo’s skills and the gap in levels between him and Yildirim will lead to him winning by knockout within six rounds.


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