Kevin Luis Munoz versus Carlos Jorge Luis Sardinez breakdown

This is a good fight for rising Super Flyweight prospect Munoz. He’s currently 10-0 with four knockouts and will likely look to get a title shot within the next 18 months or so as long as he can keep winning. Sardinez is a domestic fighter who has had mixed results in recent times leading to his record of 16-3 with two knockouts.

Kevin Luis Munoz has decent technical skills and seems to be able to fight effectively off both the front and back foot. He puts combinations together skillfully and has a competent jab though he could improve it by bringing it back quicker. His defence is solid though he does still get hit occasionally when he doesn’t need too. I think he has a skill set well above the domestic level in Argentina and will only lose once he steps up to world level. I noticed when he does get hit clean he fires back immediately like hes angry his opponent would dare hit him which is a good sign in my opinion as most elite fighters share this sort of mindset.

Carlos Jorge Luis Sardinez isn’t a bad fighter but he lacks any sort of power and can be out boxed by people that are competent. He’s very much an average domestic fighter in Argentina and has struggled and lost to people that aren’t especially good either such as Abel Leandro Silva who he struggled to a split decision win over.

Carlos Jorge Luis Sardinez

I think Kevin Luis Munoz will win a decision after ten rounds due to being better at putting combinations together combined with having a consistent jab. He also boasts more power and can move well which will make it hard for Sardinez to land on him. I see some potential in Munoz while Sardinez is more of a domestic fighter who isn’t bad but isn’t quite good enough to make it to fringe world level which is at least where I see Munoz getting too.


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