Mykquan Williams versus Yeis Gabriel Solano breakdown

This should be a really solid fight between two rising prospects who have so far not seen a huge amount of exposure. Solano has appeared on television once while this will be Williams first time on television. Both are undefeated with records of 15-0 and 15-0-1 respectively.

Mykquan Williams is relatively average technically though isn’t horrible. He does struggle to cut off the ring and while he can sometimes use his physical strength in fights I doubt he’ll do it against a big puncher like Solano. I think he’ll most likely try and box from the outside and keep Solano at bay.

Solano is a southpaw brawler who is very willing to get into exchanges and gamble on his power being the difference. He’s a little flat footed but I can’t see that being a massive problem as Williams doesn’t have the best footwork himself. When I watched his last fight I was impressed until he started to gas out after the 4th round though that looked to be more an issue of not being in shape rather than some innate stamina issue. Judging from his social media it looks like hes been training hard.

Yeis Gabriel Solano

I think this is a real 50/50 fight where either Williams will do enough to outbox Solano or Solano will catch Williams and potentially stop him or at least do enough to win the fight due to landing the more damaging punches. I personally think Solano will be able to catch Williams enough to take a decision or late stoppage as Williams doesn’t have a stellar defence.


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