Jose Nunez versus Aram Avagyan breakdown

This should be an entertaining fight between two undefeated prospects who haven’t got the spotlight or backing of a major promoter yet. Jose Nunez has been fighting mainly in Panama where he’s built a record of 11-0-1 versus average opposition. Aram Avagyan was a 2016 Olympian but hasn’t really progressed a huge amount in the pro’s and hasn’t put in good performances recently though he still holds an undefeated record at 10-0-1.

Jose Nunez is a southpaw with decent technical skills and good patience. I like that he sets up all his punches and isn’t afraid to slow the pace down and bait out reactions from opponents before punching himself. When he’s on the front foot he does little steps to get into range and constantly put pressure on his opponents but I’ve noticed hes excellent at counter punching when they decide to throw back. His defence and stamina seem solid though he has been dropped once.

Aram Avagyan had a good amateur career and clearly has technical skills himself though he hasn’t fully adapted to a pro style in my opinion. He’s still light on his feet and doesn’t look to stop his opponents rather than outwork and outbox them. I think hes relatively unpredictable as sometimes he’ll set his punches up with a jab while other times he’ll throw lead right hooks before attempting to work on the inside. His defence isn’t great and hes been dropped multiple times, I think this is mostly because he jumps in and keeps his hands low which means people will catch him at some point. He’s got a lot of heart as he’s comeback to win those fights hes been dropped in but its not a good sign for the future.

Aram Avagyan

I think this is a real 50/50 fight but in my opinion Jose Nunez will be able to use his counter punching and patience to nullify Avagyan’s somewhat unorthodox aggression which will lead to him winning a decision. Neither have a huge amount of power and Avagyan has been in close fight after close fight and eventually you’ll come out on the wrong end of a 50/50.


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