Martino Jules versus Pedro Marquez Medina breakdown

This is a real 50/50 fight for me between two prospects that i’m not overly high on. This doesn’t mean they can’t be in entertaining fights and hopefully this fight will prove that. Martino Jules is undefeated at 10-0 but has only really faced one good opponent. Pedro Marquez Medina is 12-1 and like Jules has only really faced one solid opponent.

Martino Jules is a southpaw who throws a lot of punches and keeps his opponents busy with jabs. His defence isn’t anything to write home about but hes not going to be eating punches for breakfast and isn’t a brawler stylistically. In the second half of the fight versus Jumakhonov I thought he started to gas out however he was still throwing a lot of punches even if they weren’t as accurate or snappy. He has fought more recently than Medina and most notably has fought under Covid restrictions so will be used to the bubble type environment.

Pedro Marquez Medina is fairly competent in most aspects but doesn’t throw many punches which could be a problem if this fight goes the distance. He has good power though hasn’t shown it when hes stepped up in competition so unless he catches Jules flush or gets to him late in the fight I personally would be surprised if he stopped him. This is his first fight in America and also his first fight with Covid restrictions so he may not be completely comfortably with the set up pre-fight.

Pedro Marquez Medina

I think Martino Jules will outwork Medina over the eight round distance and win a decision. If the fight was ten or twelve rounds then Medina would have more of a chance as Jules’s stamina fails him late on but over eight rounds I think he should be able to survive some scary moments late in the fight and end up taking the victory. If the judges favour Medina’s bigger punches or his power makes Jules hesitant and he wins a decision it wouldn’t overly surprise me though its not a likely outcome in my opinion.


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