Wilfredo Mendez versus Alexis Diaz breakdown

Mendez is making the third defence of his WBO Minimum weight title which he won in 2019. Alexis Diaz hasn’t done anything to deserve this title shot and is being used as a tune up in my opinion. Mendez has said he wants to start unifying the division though with it being minimum weight there isn’t much money involved so I’d be surprised if the fights happened.

Wilfredo Mendez is decent technically though nothing special. He has acceptable power for a minimum weight but again not anything special for the weight class. He’s a decent counter puncher and fights mostly off the back foot. He’s in his prime at 24 which could play a big factor in this fight as Diaz is 33 and old for a minimum weight.

Alexis Diaz isn’t terrible technically but most of his focus is on big power punches. He seems to be a good puncher for a minimum weight though it hasn’t been against the best competition so far. The two times hes stepped up to world level hes been stopped within six rounds and I don’t envision him suddenly getting better at the age of 33.

Alexis Diaz

I expect Wilfredo Mendez to make a successful title defence by stoppage due to being younger and also having the better boxing skills combined with being more durable.


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