Tim Tszyu versus Bowyn Morgan breakdown

I think this is a solid fight where Tim Tszyu will start the clear favorite. Tszyu is the son of the legend Kostya Tszyu and before his most recent fight with Jeff Horn was seen as somebody who wasn’t that great and was simply living off his fathers name. He put in a great performance by totally dominating Jeff Horn who had no real answers to dealing with Tszyu’s technical and physical prowess.

Tim Tszyu is good technically and has a great one-two which he is very accurate with. He’s not great at fighting on the inside but hes strong enough that he doesn’t get bullied when it goes there. He has decent power though isn’t a big one punch KO artist and I’d be surprised if his power fully translates up to world level. His defence is solid enough for a fighter that is just breaking into fringe world level and at the age of 26 has time to improve before getting to a title shot.

Bowyn Morgan isn’t great technically in my opinion as he doesn’t turn into his punches that much and throws the same hooks again and again. He very rarely throws straight punches or uppercuts. He does do good work to the body which has folded a few opponents however none on the level of Tszyu. I think hes not terrible defensively however is open to uppercuts as he leans over his front foot a bit.

Bowyn Morgan

I think Tim Tszyu will win this fight by stoppage in round six or seven due to having more power and being better technically. He has much more variety to his offence and doesn’t just throw hooks after walking into range.


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