Liam Wilson versus Rodynie Rafol breakdown

This is a nice test for Wilson but also one that in my opinion hes past at this point in his career. He scored a good win over Jesus Cuadro where he became the first person to stop him. He’s had one tune up bout since and this fight is in my opinion another tune up bout which is understandable during a global pandemic.

Rodynie Rafol is a domestic fighter in Australia who has had mixed results at that level. I would describe him as a bit of a club fighter as he has close to a 50/50 record but still beats some people domestically.

Liam Wilson was a good amateur and has made a great start to his pro career so far. He’s got good power and has the boxing skills to back that power up. I think hes already shown hes levels above someone like Rafol and this should be a bit of a showcase for the rising Super Featherweight prospect.

Rodynie Rafol

I think Liam Wilson should be able to win a decision after six rounds as Rafol is very tough and doesn’t get stopped often. I think this will be a fairly one sided bout as Wilson is levels above both in terms of technical skills and power.


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