Ty Telford versus Darragh Foley breakdown

This should be a competitive fight between two Australian Super Lightweights who are competing for a variety of ranking belts. It’s an interesting contest because Ty Telford is only 23 and 6-0-1 while Darragh Foley is 32 and 18-4-1 which shows the massive difference in experience.

Ty Telford has a nice jab which he uses often to set up his combinations and almost every punch he throws comes off the jab. He’s decent technically though can certainly be out boxed by people and is still learning on the job. I don’t think his defence is great and he lets a quite a lot of punches through which is to be expected of a domestic prospect. He has very little experience as a pro as he’s only seven fights in and didn’t have much of an amateur career from what I can tell.

Ty Telford

Darragh Foley is very experienced and is used to the ten round distance this fight is set for. He’s also a southpaw which could prove tricky for Telford who has only faced one southpaw and he struggled in that fight. I think Foley is capable technically and has a little bit of power which should be effective at this level. He keeps his hands low a lot of time which leads to him getting caught by people that are technically better for him as he takes a while to find his range.

I think this will be a close fight where Darragh Foley’s experience will be enough to take him to a decision win. I think in the past Foley has struggled with opponents who are taller and better technically than him which isn’t the case in this match up.


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