Zach Parker versus Cesar Nunez breakdown

This is a bit of a tune up fight for Zach Parker who picked up a career best win versus Rohan Murdock in his last fight. Cesar Nunez has fared well domestically in Spain but when he’s left to fight rising prospects and contenders hes been stopped in relatively quick fashion.

Zach Parker puts his punches together very well and clearly has some pop on them as hes stopped 13 of his 19 opponents. He was consistently hurting Murdock in their fight until he eventually found the stoppage in the 11th round. He showed a good chin and heart in that fight as it wasn’t easy and early on it looked like the fight could go either way. By making adjustments in the hardest fight of his career he showed me hes clearly at least high European level if not a fringe world contender.

Cesar Nunez isn’t too bad technically himself but lacks the combinations and power of Parker. He’s also 35 and in his two biggest fights he was stopped though in his fight with Vincent Feigenbutz he put up a good showing and landed a lot of punches on the German fighter. I don’t think he’ll have the same success against Parker as hes much harder to hit and uses his outside boxing skills a bit more.

Cesar Nunez

I think Zach Parker will win this fight by stoppage in the 5th or 6th round because of his superior power and punch selection. He’s also the bigger younger fighter who is on the rise in his career while Nunez is being used as a bit of stepping stone for young Super Middleweights at this point in his career.


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