Shannon Courtenay versus Dorota Norek breakdown

This is a good comeback fight for Courtenay who lost a close fight to Rachel Ball last time out on Matchroom’s fight camp. Norek will be looking to pick up her career best win and stop the current bad run of form shes on.

Shannon Courtenay is a decent technical boxer who seems to have above average power for her weight class. She’s still inexperienced as a pro and that showed in her last fight where after hurting Ball she rushed in and got dropped herself. Her chin and stamina seem fine though she did clearly tire out at the end of her last fight.

Dorota Norek has an interesting style to say the least. She actually runs forward throwing windmill punches until she slams in to her opponents and they clinch. She refuses to use a jab or anything to disguise her punches and beyond the huge volume of punches she throws she isn’t very good honestly.

Dorota Norek

This fight could be fun while it lasts but I think Shannon Courtenay will win by stoppage after timing Norek coming in with her superior technical skills.


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